Throughout our website we refer to our completely-custom, uniquely-Albuquerque, open-air trolley. What exactly do we mean by "uniquely-Albuquerque?" There is no other trolley like this in the world partly because there is no other city in the world quite like Albuquerque. We designed our trolley to reflect the heritage, culture, and unique look of Albuquerque. For example, traditional trolleys found in other cities are accented in brass, employ a standard red, green, or orange paint scheme, and are fully-enclosed. Our "uniquely-Albuquerque" trolley, however, is accented in wrought iron and tin, has two custom art pieces on its exterior, a custom stucco-paint scheme accented with bright blue trim, and an open-air environment to allow for the total enjoyment of Albuquerque's famous 310 days of sunshine!

Not only will you receive a comprehensive 18-mile, 90-minute, front-row seat tour of the Best of ABQ, but you will also get to enjoy it from a trolley unlike any other in the world - climb aboard!