Joining the Team:

Kristi’s path crossed with the Trolley Guys in a previous sales and marketing job. Impressed by her skills, the Guys gave her a call when they were ready to expand their staff. It was perfect timing – Kristi had just left that job to start her own business: StarFire PR and Marketing. They made her an offer she couldn’t refuse, and Kristi became the first non-guy on the Trolley Team.

The master of multi-tasking, Kristi still operates her own successful business while working part time as the Sales and Marketing Manager (a.k.a. “Trolley Girl” and best job title EVER!) for AT&SF. She reaches out to local businesses about advertising options and how AT&SF can promote those businesses to our thousands of riders, pedalers, Albucreepers, and more. She’s grown the list of “ABQ All Stars” to record levels this year, and she also helps with ticket sales two days a week.

Why she loves it:

If you can’t tell by her huge grin and exuberant personality, Kristi loves her job! The best part for her is getting to meet people from all over the world, and she especially loves being an ambassador for Albuquerque. She also loves getting to combine all of that with her media background. She says that each day is fun because it’s different, and she is energized by the wonderful and interesting people that she meets. You energize us too, Kristi!

As our #1 Fan, Kristi has been on every AT&SF tour. She especially loves the BaD tour and says “it lives up to the hype!” Ask her to tell you about the super spooky encounter she had on the Trolley of Terror tour last Halloween!

Favorite Trolley Memory:

Meeting Alison Fraser, who played Madame Morrible in Wicked at Popejoy last fall (that's her and Kristi in the picture above). The lovely Ms. Fraser went on the BaD Tour, but only after she posed for a photo with super fan Kristi!

She’s not from around here.

Kristi was born and raised in North Carolina, which explains her sweet southern accent. She majored in Journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and then moved to Atlanta where she worked for 15 years as a TV producer and writer. Her resume includes work at CNN, Fox 5 Atlanta and the Lifetime Network. She thought TV would be her life until she met the love of her life! Soon after they were married, Kristi and her husband moved to Albuquerque to be closer to his children. With a new city came a new career in sales and marketing, and the rest is history!

Where are y’all from?

Kristi loves a southern accent, especially when it’s spoken by a person who hails from her home states of North Carolina or Georgia.

Red or Green?

Definitely green and definitely mild. (This southern gal is slowly adjusting to the spicy stuff!)

Love for Albuquerque:

She never tires of looking at the “breathtaking” Sandia Mountains. She also loves the city’s rich culture, and she loves to try new restaurants in ABQ. When her guests are in town, she takes them on the Trolley (of course) and then she shows off the volcanoes, Old Town Plaza and Sandia Peak – just a few more of her favorite things in Albuquerque.

Where to find her when she’s not at the ATSF box office:

Riding with her husband on their Harley. He drives, and she admires the scenery and takes photos. You may also see her performing in local theater.

Little known fact about Kristi:

She’s been interviewed by none other than Tom Hanks. While she interned with Entertainment Tonight, she was working on the red carpet for the premiere of “Apollo 13.” She thought she was about to pose for a photo with the award-winning actor, but he grabbed a mic and begin to interview her instead. According to Kristi, she was so nervous she sounded like a “super-excited chipmunk” during the interview!