Meet Cody!

Cody is the newest member of Team Trolley and "The Captain" of the Duke City Pedaler.

Becoming part of the Team: 

Cody has been with us for four short weeks and he's already one of the family. We were looking for a new Duke City Pedaler guide, and a friend of his suggested he apply. She thought he'd be perfect for the job. She was right. Cody wanted a job that would allow him to interact with people and be creative. The Duke City Pedaler certainly does that!

New Mexico Homegrown: 

Cody is originally from the Enchanted Circle (Taos, Angel Fire, and Red River). He moved to Albuquerque to attend the University of New Mexico (go Lobos!) and just graduated in May with a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Planning and Design.

Why he loves working for ABQ Trolley Co.: 

Cody loves that ABQ Trolley Co. continues to be innovative and have a positive impact on Albuquerque. He thinks it's cool to be involved in bettering our community and engaging with both locals and visitors (we totally agree).

Why he loves the Duke City Pedaler: 

Well, his desk is a 14-person party bike, so that's pretty fun. He's also excited to work for a company that values his opinions and ideas. Cody says he loves how much fun people have on the DCP. Sometimes people are shy, but once they start riding their inner kid comes out and they have a great time. He says it makes him happy to make other people happy.

The most unusual thing that's happened so far on the DCP: 

One of our riders was so impressed with Cody that she gave him her number along with a tip. Cody was flattered, but told her he's devoted to his girlfriend.

Why he loves Albuquerque: 

The sun, food, and views. Albuquerque has the best weather (most of the time). He loves New Mexican food, and says you can't beat the sunsets. 

Red or Green: 

Green. Always Green. Especially on his breakfast burritos.

When he's not on the DCP: 

He'll probably still be on a bike! Cody bikes everywhere, hikes when he can, and snowboards whenever there's enough snow.

Outside of NM:

He's impressed with Seattle for it's cool culture and great public transportation. He also recently went to Moab for a bachelor party, and it was extreme -- as in extreme sports. The group went canyoneering, which he'd never tried before. Cody says sometimes he needs to scare himself and do something crazy to remind himself how alive he is. Now that's hard-core.

Something that might surprise you about Cody: 

He's got nine, count 'em, nine, siblings. That's almost a football team. No wonder he's a good team player.